Terms of Conditions

Please carefully review these Terms and Conditions before selecting any halal products via the Mustakshif application. We retain the right to modify these terms at any time by updating this page. This agreement of our terms and conditions contains the legally valid terms governing your use of the services. By accessing or utilizing the services, you acknowledge this agreement. Moreover, you represent and guarantee that you have the right, authorization, and capacity to agree to this contract and comply with its terms and conditions. You must be a sensible adult to access the services or accept the agreement. Please do not access or use the services if you do not agree with all of the terms of this agreement.

Furthermore, the food, nutrition, and ingredient information and content provided by Mustakshif enables our users to make dietary and other food selections. These services are accessible via the Site, Applications, Content, and data feeds (collectively the "Services"). Also, our intellectual property rights protect the content present on the website and application.

We are the sole owner of the information gathered on our network of website and application. If you suspect any content on our network has been duplicated in a way that violates copyright or property rights, you can contact us. Also, our Permissible, Mushbooh and Haram products are based on the search of our AI technology of Mustakshif. Moreover, our Permissible products can be meant to conflict with others. On the other hand, our Halal Verified products are certified on the decision of our religious scholars and Islamic Authorities working on board with Mustakshif. So, our decision about the product's Verified Halal distinction are being made very delicately based on Hanafi Rulings. Any feedback from users are welcome and Mustakshif is not challenging other Halal Authorities and apps. Note that there can be errors in Mustakshif AI decision making therefore we are not claiming to be 100% accurate but we are striving to deliver maximum accuracy in our capacity.