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Embrace the true spirit of Islam, uphold the teachings, and take care of your health without any hassle. Welcome to our unique project, aimed at serving the global Muslim community. We've built an intelligent Halal and Haram scanning app, making it easier than ever to follow Islamic dietary laws with confidence and peace of mind. So embark on this journey of faith and wellness with us with our halal and haram scanning app, designed with you in mind.

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A Collaborative Effort – Tech-Meets-Tradition

Our scanning app has an integrated, cross-platform, advanced AI system at its back.

Further, Mustakshif has brought together esteemed Ulama-e-Karam on a single platform, saving you the effort of navigating separate and repeated queries about Halal, Haram, and Mushbooh products. Our prestigious Ulama-e-Karam, working as our dedicated Shariah Board, ensure all the information the system provides is accurate and consistent with Islamic laws.

With the harmonious blend of the latest IT technology and authentic Islamic teachings, our app emerges as the ideal solution for our community.

Why A Subscription?

Ads-Free App

We're the world's first-ever ad-free Halal product scanning app. We prioritize your user experience, which means no intrusive ads, no pop-ups, just seamless, user-friendly navigation.

So whether it's product scanning or other prime features, reap the full benefits of our app without any ad blocking your way.

Therefore, Mustakshif has opted for a subscription model to maintain our ad-free status and to fund the continued development and maintenance of our app.

Value for Money

Unlike many popular streaming services such as Netflix or YouTube, our subscription fee is considerably less and even better. And what's more, it's for a lifetime. Think about it! 

In return for a small, one-time subscription fee, not only do you gain access to our comprehensive Halal and Haram product database, but you also contribute towards a noble cause – supporting a service that benefits the entire Muslim community.

Our minimal lifetime subscription fee is far less than what you'd pay monthly for streaming services. And it's not just for the current version of our app. Even as we upgrade our system, add new valuable features, and grow in technology, user experience, and more, there won't be any additional charges.

Highlights of Features of Our Scanning App 

Barcode Scanner for Product Search

Product Search/scanning in Multiple Languages

Products Updates & Notifications

Seamless Signup and Login

All Login Support (Apple, Google)

Product Categories

Option to Favorite Products

Bridging Cultural Boundaries

One of the standout features of our app is its multilingual support, reflecting the global nature of the Muslim community. No matter where you are or what language you speak, our app ensures that understanding dietary laws and making health-conscious decisions is an easy, streamlined process.

Whether you're at home or travelling abroad, a simple scan with our advanced AI system app will tell you if a product aligns with Islamic dietary laws. It's like having a knowledgeable companion by your side at all times, in a language you understand and feel comfortable with.

Future-Proof Your Investment

This is just the beginning of our journey. As we evolve, you'll enjoy all advanced features and get updates on product statutes, all without paying an extra penny.

You can unlock a world of dietary information and connect with the Muslim community worldwide for just a few bucks. Mustakshif helps you foster a healthier, more informed lifestyle in line with your religious beliefs.

Support our mission today, and together, let's remove the major hurdles the Muslim community faces.

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