Privacy Policy

Your privacy is always our top priority, and Mustakshif is devoted to protecting it. Our privacy policy respects your personal and account information. Personal information includes, but is not limited to, your name, login, address, e-mail address, location information, and any additional information that personally identifies you, your preferences, or your history that is not otherwise available to the public. Moreover, we collect personally identifiable information from our website users at multiple places. The quantity and nature of the information we collect from you depend on your activities, the services we offer, and your usage of our websites. If you encounter difficulties while operating the application, we will use your information to contact you. By using or accessing our services, you admit that you have read and understood these privacy policies and agree to be bound by them in addition to any other applicable laws and regulations. You acknowledge that your usage (whether as a verified or non-verified user) or access to the services on any device constitutes your unconditional acceptance of our privacy statement. Mustakshif may modify this Privacy Statement without notice by posting amended terms on our websites.