How Mustakshif works?

Maintaining a Halal lifestyle can be challenging, especially when it comes to choosing permissible products. To address this issue, Mustakshif offers a comprehensive solution by combining artificial intelligence (AI) technology and a highly-distinguished Shariah board. We help users make informed choices by accurately identifying Halal, Haram, and Mushbooh (doubtful) ingredients and uphold Islamic principles. Our quest for Halal consciousness and Halal Scanning convinces us to follow an innovative approach.

Our step-by-step practical approach at Mustakshif makes our app a reliable companion to adhere to Islamic Shariah at best.


Step 1

AI-Based System and Database

At the core of our app lies an advanced AI-based system with Multilingual support equipped with a vast product database.

So the system first translates all ingredients to English (if in other languages) and matches them with the database' existing ingredients status list. With over 3 million entries, our system acts as a reliable search engine, filtering products based on their ingredients.

Further, to ensure the accuracy of the data, we adhere to the standards set by Halal Shariah Board. Thus, our AI system matches and filters the ingredients/ products in light of the Shariah Board-verified list of ingredients. Afterward, the system refines and categorizes the products as Halal, Haram, and Mushbooh, given the origin of their ingredients. Therefore, our users can trust the results generated by the system.

Step 2

Shariah Board Verification

While our AI system provides a solid foundation, we understand the importance of human judgment, particularly regarding matters of faith. We feel a greater responsibility towards Halal Consciousness and Halal Scanning, so we adopt a counterchecking approach. Therefore, we have assembled a panel of highly-esteemed Ulama-E-Karam and Islamic Scholars as our Halal Advisory Board.

These experts possess profound knowledge of Islamic principles and meticulously examine product statuses. All ingredients and products undergo an individual and manual inspection (source to packaging) to ensure the utmost accuracy and adherence to Islamic guidelines.

Their expertise enables them to review and validate AI-generated decisions. The Shariah Board can also modify the product's permissibility if necessary, given their deep understanding of Islamic jurisprudence.

In the UK, we have Mufti Abdullah Patel Sahib, Mufti Faisal al Mahmudi in Canada, and other eminent Ulama-E-Karam in Australia working with us.


Step 3

Public Accessibility and Alternative Halal Recommendations

Transparency is crucial in our commitment to Halal consciousness and Halal scanning. Therefore, only after a product's halal status is verified by AI-system followed by the Shariah board, we make it publicly accessible through our app.


Users can quickly install
the app from the app store.


Instantly scan product labels, & view
the Halal, Haram, or Mushbooh verdicts.


In addition, the app offers alternatives for
Haram and Mushbooh (doubtful) products.

Mustakshif strives to provide users with practical choices that align with their halal lifestyle. Another key strength of our system is the integration of regular updates to the product statuses into the app. In this regard, we keep consistent contact with the manufacturing companies to keep the system product filtration current with the ever-evolving landscape of food production.

Therefore, if our users scan a product and find it Halal, however, its status changes to Haram or Mushbooh over time. We ensure that the app will notify the users and help them stay informed of any changes.

Step 4

User Feedback & Continuous Improvement

We firmly believe that community involvement is essential for the success of our app. Therefore, we actively seek user feedback, encouraging them to share their experiences and suggestions. This engagement not only empowers users to have a voice in shaping the app's future but also helps us identify any potential inaccuracies or areas for improvement. By incorporating user feedback into our system, we continuously refine and enhance the accuracy and usability of our app.

So Mustakshif, by combining the power of AI technology, the expertise of our Shariah board, and active user participation, offers a comprehensive solution that empowers individuals to embrace a halal lifestyle confidently. Our commitment to transparency, continuous improvement, and community engagement ensures that our app remains a trustworthy companion on this journey towards Halal consciousness and Halal scanning.