Who We Are – Embracing the Halal Revolution

Welcome to Mustakshif, the home of Halal and Haram product scanning. Our name, Mustakshif, literally meaning 'discoverer' in Arabic, captures our commitment to pioneering a Halal revolution, serving the global Muslim community with a simple yet powerful solution to navigate cultural diversity in food and other products.

Our Mission

Ensuring Halal in Everyday Life

Our mission is rooted in Islam and dedicated to assisting our fellow Muslims. We're not just about food. We expand our services to cover quick scanning of Beauty Products, Groceries, Toiletries, and Conveniences. Every aspect of your lifestyle can be in sync with your beliefs and the principles of Halal.

Our goal is to become an integral part of your daily life, ensuring every product you use aligns with your beliefs and the principles of Halal. By transforming the way Muslims interact with the world of products, we hope to instil peace of mind and certainty in every decision you make.

The Power of Technology: AI-Driven Scanning

At the heart of Mustakshif is our cutting-edge AI engine, pulsating with data from millions of products. That powers our multi-featured Halal Scanner App and is ready to guide your Halal journey. Our technology works tirelessly to give you accurate, quick, and reliable scanning results, making Mustakshif a trustworthy ally in your quest for a Halal lifestyle.

Upholding Islamic Principles & Values Shariah Board & Our Esteemed Shariah Board

In ensuring the highest standards of Halal compliance, we comply with the South African National Halal Authority (Shariah Board) for our system product filtration. Their stringent criteria guide our product listings, giving you peace of mind in your product choices. Further enhancing the credibility of our app, we've assembled a distinguished panel of Ulama-e-Karam and Islamic scholars forming our Shariah Board. This team manually checks the products, ensuring their purity and permissibility in accordance with Islamic laws. Our double-checking process, merging technology with authentic Islamic knowledge, assures that Mustakshif is a reliable source for Halal product identification.

Our Promise: Authenticity, Accuracy, Accessibility

Our promise is threefold. We guarantee authenticity, anchored in our rigorous adherence to Halal standards and our esteemed Shariah Board's guidance. We ensure accuracy, driven by our powerful AI technology. We commit to accessibility, offering a user-friendly, multilingual app that serves Muslims worldwide, irrespective of cultural or linguistic differences.

Your Halal Journey Starts Here!

At Mustakshif, we strive to make your journey towards a holistic Halal lifestyle an easy and reliable one. Our specially dedicated team works around the clock to maintain, update, and expand our product database. That's how we ensure to remain at the forefront of the Halal revolution.

Embark on this journey with us. Discover a world where technology meets faith and where every product choice is a confident one. Join Mustakshif today, and together, let's uphold the principles of Islam in every facet of our lives.

Join us as we journey towards this vision. With Mustakshif, you're not just choosing a product; you're choosing a lifestyle, a community, and a future where Halal is at your fingertips.